It’s a story as old as time; good vs. evil, the hero vs. the villain. Whose side are you on? Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio of Crooks and Castles have always rooted for the villain. Growing up in L.A. during the 80s and 90s when gang violence was prevalent and everybody had a hustle, the founders of Crooks and Castles, a clothing line consisting of mens graphic tees, sweaters and jackets, were deeply influenced by the L.A. lifestyle. The design duo admired how people adjusted to their environment by turning street smarts into something lucrative. “Each piece that is introduced with the Crooks and Castles tag expresses the culture, experience and passion that Calvero and Panlilio grew up with” states their PR rep. “The collection is based around a specific culture that is enigmatic of the brand’s motto—’Behind every castle, lies a crook.’”

The brand has gained quite a celebrity following, and the demand for a piece of the villainous lifestyle has been steadily increasing. So what’s next for the fellas? A flagship store, of course. The line is slated to stake its claim on Melrose along with L.A. landmarks like Fred Segal. The retail location is described as “super nice” featuring contemporary décor and artwork by world renowned artists. The 1200 square foot space has a VIP area for celeb clientèle, so that Jay-Z, Scott Storch, Kanye and Nas (all fans of the line) can pick up exclusive gear while browsing through high fashion books. But Crooks doesn’t want us regular folk to feel left out either. “We are very excited about building a lifestyle destination where fans of the brand can drop by, shop for the latest Crooks product and hang out with friends,” said Dennis. Sounds like a castle fit for a ‘crook.’

For more info check out www.crooksandcastles.com. Their flagship store, coming soon, will be at 8021 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.


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