logo20.jpgcandlestable475nublk.jpgNigerian judge detains Pfizer officials
Nigeria – A judge in Nigeria has ordered the arrest of three top officials of the U.S.-based drug company Pfizer Inc., saying they failed to honor an order to appear in court over a $2 billion suit the company is facing for a 1996 drug trial, court papers showed. (Continue Reading…)

Nigeria: 50 Die in Lagos Pipeline Explosion
At least, 50 people were roasted alive yesterday at Adagbo village of Iru, Victoria Island local government Area of Lagos State. The victims were said to be scooping fuel from a vandalised pipeline when the fire started at the scene and was followed by an explosion. (Continue Reading…)

The Black Pharaohs
As befits their vocation, archaeologists sometimes come across as dry and dusty. Not here. “Exciting? Yes, I haven’t slept for two days,” says a French excavator. In 2002, Dr Vivian Davies of the British Museum made a find in upper Egypt that, according to this BBC documentary, “turns our view of history on its head”. “Guess what we’ve got here,” Davies says, examining an ancient inscription by torchlight. “We’ve got an invasion of Egypt by the kingdom of Kush.” (Continue Reading…)

Omaha Mother, Aunt Slain; Daughter Beaten
A man killed two women and left their bodies in the basement of a house, then beat and raped the daughter of one of the victims in the same home, authorities and a relative of the victims said. Fabian Hands, 46, was booked on two counts of homicide and two counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony. Officers were called to the house in north Omaha Monday night. When they arrived, a 20-year-old woman came out of a bedroom and said she had been sexually assaulted. (Continue Reading….)

Delivering aid in Somalia a perilous journey
The handful of grain Abiye Omar clutches in her skinny hand has traveled a long way from the fertile fields of midwestern America to this desolate Somali seaside town. It has sailed on a relief ship through seas plagued by pirates and sharks, then been carried ashore by porters into the hands of aid workers who have to contend with bandits, arsonists, insurgents and even the Somali government’s own forces to get the food to the hungry. (Continue Reading…)

Breast cancer gene puts Hispanic women at risk
A gene known to give many Jewish women a high risk of cancer also puts many Hispanic women at high risk, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday. They found that 3.5 percent of Hispanic women entered in a Northern California breast cancer registry had the BRCA1 genetic mutation, compared to 8.3 percent of Ashkenazic Jews and 2.2 percent of non-Ashkenazic white women. (Continue Reading…)

US aid ‘diverted’ in Pakistan
It quoted officials saying much of the money was diverted to weapons systems designed to counter India, rather than to fighting Islamist militants. The US provides the money to reimburse Pakistan for military operations carried out in its “war on terror”. Pakistan’s military told the BBC that the report was nonsense. (Continue Reading…)

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