logo20.jpgcandlestable475nublk.jpg‘Black Paris Tours’ looks at love affair between black Americans and City of Light
Any American with even a slight familiarity with Paris knows about Josephine Baker, the black swivel-hipped cabaret entertainer who shunned racism in America, vaulted to stardom here in 1925, and stayed on to become one of France’s most adored 20th century icons. But what about William Wells Brown, the 19th-century former slave turned abolitionist who once expressed awe that he could pray next to whites at La Madeleine church, or that some tipped their hat to him on Paris streets? (Continue Reading…)

Judge Orders Louis Farrakhan to Appear
A federal judge has ordered Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan to appear in court to explain why payments to his son are not considered income. A Gary couple are seeking to collect $350,000 from Farrakhan’s 48-year-old son, who lost a lawsuit after crashing his father’s Hummer into their car in 2003 and leaving the scene. (Continue Reading…)

Delahunt says Obama will restore US image abroad
US Representative William Delahunt of Massachusetts, a leading foreign policy voice in the Democratic Party, will endorse Barack Obama for president today, saying he believes the senator will repair the image of the United States overseas. “If Barack Obama is elected president, I daresay America will present a new face to the world, will restore, simply by his election, hope – not just within the United States, but from all corners of the world, that America’s claim to moral authority is back on track and that our leadership in world affairs will see a renaissance,” Delahunt told the Globe. (Continue Reading…)

Striving for purpose, woman mentors girls
Cherryl Thames has been celebrating Kwanzaa since 1994 and diligently strives to exemplify Nia, the Kwanzaa principle of purpose. “We all have a God-given purpose. And once we have that self-awareness and understanding of our purpose, we should live it out,” said the Lathrup Village career coaching and professional development trainer. “My purpose is about helping others be successful and bringing out their talents.” (Continue Reading…)

NABJ’s Thomas Morgan III Dies
Thomas Morgan III, a reporter and editor at the New York Times, Washington Post and Miami Herald who led the National Association of Black Journalists from 1989 to 1991, died Monday morning in Southampton, Mass., where he was visiting. His friend Sheila Stainback said he suffered a heart attack. (Continue Reading…)

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