p195312_hero.jpgThe holidays are a time of year that not only feels wonderful but smells wonderful. Every holiday season my house smelled heavenly. It wasn’t just one scent but a combination of aromas that would have you wanting nothing more than to cuddle by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. It was the smell of fresh cut Christmas tree in the living room. The warm scent of cinnamon rolls calling me from the kitchen. Or the smell of sugar cookies baking for Santa. The house was just so fragrant and alive.

Well this year I am thousands of miles away from my quirky family and I was completely bummed because I would have to make do with the scents of my Glade holiday candle. Although the little holiday spice candle smells good it has nothing on the smell of my Mom’s homemade fudge cooking in the oven. Just when I resigned myself to the candle I stumbled across two amazing sets by Philosophy. Each set renewing the hope that this year I would be surrounded by holiday smells.

The first set is the The Gingerbread Man Gift Set ($35, philosophy.com). This scrumptious set comes in an adorable hatbox that is perfect for giving or keeping for yourself. Included in the three-piece set is a gingerbread scented shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath, a shimmer lotion and a lip shine. The scent is incredibly rich and spicy perfect to chase away any holiday blues. Plus it’s light and sweet enough that you can use all the items year round.

prodlg_00650085.jpgPhilosophy also makes a set called the Holiday House Gift Set that is my absolute favorite ($30, philosophy.com). This little house is stocked to the roof with three yummy products. An eggnog shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath, cinnamon buns scented moisturizing body soufflé and powdered sugar cookie high gloss lip shine. Each mouth watering scent will instantly transport you right back to your favorite holiday memories. So even if you’re not at your family’s house for the holidays, you can have a house that smells just as good. And this house has the added benefit of not having arguments over who ate the last cookie!

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