snitching.jpgThe makers of the infamous “Stop Snitching” street video have apparently produced a sequel. Urly Media is promoting “Stop Snitching 2” which it says continues “to show the reality of hard times on hard streets.”

“What we gonna do on this DVD we gonna define what snitching actually is,” an unidentified man says in a trailer posted on the Web site, which is taking pre-orders for the sequel.

A small child is also shown waving a large revolver and a man is shown firing into the air. Donny Moses, a city police spokesman, said the department was aware of promotions for the new DVD, but police haven’t seen it for sale on the street yet. The first “Stop Snitching” DVD threatened retaliation against those who cooperate with police and highlighted the culture of witness intimidation in Baltimore.

[Source: My Voice DC]

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