logo4.jpgAmbitious EU-Africa summit ends in trade deadlock
Africa and Europe’s first summit in seven years ended on Sunday without agreement on the key issue of trade, dealing a blow to efforts to forge a new economic partnership between the two continents.More than 70 European and African leaders were also at odds on how to deal with Zimbabwe, which was singled out along with Sudan by German Chancellor Angela Merkel for not respecting human rights. (Continue Reading…)

Many young black men in Oakland are killing and dying for respect
Along with the Christmas trees and family gatherings, there’s another end-of-the-year ritual in Oakland – a candlelight vigil for the murdered. The body count is woven into the civic consciousness here – a number chased by homicide inspectors, studied by criminologists, lamented in churches, reported by journalists. Every mayor leaves City Hall on broken promises to quell the violence, and the killings continue. An additional 115 have been killed this year, putting Oakland on pace for another gruesome record. (Continue Reading…)

Civil Rights Icon Andrew Young Hints at Clinton Endorsement
Civil rights icon Andrew Young appeared to be leaning towards an endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president Saturday night. In a recent interview, Young said he had reservations about Senator Barack Obama’s youth. “I want Barack Obama to be president…in 2016,” said Young. (Continue Reading…)

‘O’ what a day in Iowa for Barack Obama
Employing the words of personal empowerment that have made her a beloved superstar, Oprah Winfrey shouted herself hoarse Saturday as she urged more than 18,000 Iowans to support Barack Obama in the nation’s first caucus Jan. 3. “This isn’t about partisanship for me. This is very, very personal,” Winfrey told the crowd. “I’m here because of my personal conviction about Barack Obama and what I know he can do for America.” (Continue Reading…)

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