Being part of the street elite is as much about lifestyle as it is about labels. It’s a mindset where music, fashion, sports and art collide to create something uniquely symbolic of the day’s culture. With this philosophy in mind, Commonwealth has got the block on lock with its stylish range of street-chic that combines clothing and art to great effect.

    Founded three years ago by creative consultant Omar Quiambao, Commonwealth has become a brand in itself—the go-to place for both the obscure and the mainstream. Stocking major labels like Skateboard P’s BBC, Marc Jacobs and Stussy, the company also provides an outlet for little-known independents and other creative individuals by introducing new brands like Gourmet, for whom street wear is as much about the art of creativity as the product itself.

    The design and layout of the Commonwealth store is straight out of a celebrity walk-in wardrobe as featured on MTV Cribs. Its spacious, minimalist warehouse is in tune with the functional, artsy vibe. As well as clothing, the shop stocks books, sells art and regularly holds must-attend events in conjunction with the biggest names on the urban music and fashion scenes.

    Commonwealth is located in the heart of hip-hop’s hottest community–Norfolk, Virginia! Home to musicians and producers including The Neptunes, Timbaland, Missy Elliott and many others, Virginia has emerged as the most unlikely hip-hop enclave. But with its finger on the pulse of contemporary street culture and with a view of the future, the Commonwealth concept is set to go from strength to strength. Watch this space: www.cmonwealth.com.

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