hbz0208wk002-lg.jpg By Marshall Heyman After the split, two years ago, from Russell Simmons, her fashion-music-lifestyle-mogul paramour of 13 years, Kimora Lee Simmons, the refreshingly big-mouthed model turned glamazon author, entrepreneur, mother of two, and reality-television star of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, wasn’t sure she could really stomach dating again.

Vaguely, sparsely, and not successfully are the words Kimora, 32, uses to describe how she dated post-Russell, whom she met while in high school. “It didn’t work,” she says, biting into a Kobe-beef slider at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles and double dipping a french fry in ketchup. “That’s the point. It didn’t work. But I tried.”

“You’re a little socially retarded” is how the also refreshingly big-mouthed model turned television star Tyra Banks, Kimora’s pal, put it. “In terms of dating, you don’t really know what’s going on,” Tyra told her, as Kimora recalls. “You’re a little slow.”

Joking aside, Kimora admits she was “devastated” by the end of the relationship with Russell. “Shit, honey, it was like a breakdown moment,” she says, even if it’s hard to imagine this St. Louis-born, part-Japanese, part-African-American tower of power struggling with anything. “But it was a jump I had to take.

You get to a certain age where you know that to go too far down one road would be a little too disrespectful to yourself and your soul. So it was as happy as it was painful; let’s say that.”

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  • I really hate that he is dating her. He is so elegant and regal and she is …. she is… well NOT elegant OR regal. One good thing I can say about Kimora is she is consistent. My sister use to model with her back in St. Louis when they were teens and she says Kimora’s attitude and personality hasn’t changed a bit!