logo20.jpgl_60725a2f44fa52f4af038b8de83e9c7f.jpgNaomi Campbell interviews ‘rebel angel’ Hugo Chavez
British supermodel Naomi Campbell has interviewed Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, describing him as a “rebel angel” who is unafraid to speak his mind but poses no threat to democracy. Campbell was granted an audience with the outspoken left-wing leader as part of her new brief as contributing editor for British men’s lifestyle magazine GQ, interviewing leading figures from politics, sport and entertainment. (Continue Reading…)

Rap music analysis unusually honest
Somebody Scream! Rap Music’s Rise to Prominence in the Aftershock of Black Power” is the story of this powerfully influential and yet surprisingly little-understood American musical genre. The story has been told several times in the past few years; there would seem little need for yet one more account. Journalist Marcus Reeves’ first book more than makes the case for its necessity, however, even if the going is rocky at times. (Continue Reading…)

Katrina victims swamp corps with trillions in claims
Tens of thousands of people whose property was destroyed when Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed New Orleans’ protective levees have filed claims demanding the government pay astronomical sums that would be enough money to make multimillionaires of everyone in Louisiana. (Continue Reading…)

Charity vs. Capitalism in Africa
Jenifa John recently spent $1 on a billowy swath of gauze that could help keep her family alive. The 22-year-old mother of two in the village of Engutoto, Tanzania, bought a mosquito-repelling bed net that will keep parasite-bearing insects away from her young children while they sleep. It’s a matter of utmost concern: Before she bought the net, one of John’s children was hospitalized with malaria—and fortunately survived. (Continue Reading…)

Addressing the divide
Natalie Norton sits alone in a Towson University student cafeteria. The pre-med freshman from Silver Spring hasn’t made any close friends yet, and many of her high school buddies now attend nearby Morgan State University, a historically black college. (Continue Reading…)

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