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Sixteen years ago, winning second place in the New Hampshire primary made Bill Clinton the “comeback kid” and gave him another chance that took him all the way to the White House. Second place in the ballot for his wife today would be quite a different result, presaging the eventual end of her presidential run. At 46, Barack Obama has entranced, perhaps bamboozled, the voters, rekindling the flame of JFK. He reflects back to a new generation of Democrats and the sort of Americans they fancy themselves to be – youthful, committed, enterprising and, above all perhaps, broadminded. They are not the sort of Americans – No, sir! – to be put off by a candidate’s colour. (Continue Reading…)

Self-congratulation is already in the air. At long last, it is being said, America is ready for a black President. Almost 150 years after the abolition of slavery, 40 years after the heyday of the civil rights movement, the racial taboo is finally being overcome.
Ice Cube solidifies plans for a Web network
First he became a top rap artist. Then he turned his talents to the movies as an actor. Now Ice Cube has a new line to add to his résumé: Internet entrepreneur. Cube and his partner DJ Pooh, a record producer and screenwriter who also is a self-described techie, are the latest entertainers to launch a new website showcasing all sorts of videos, original to music to user-generated. (Continue Reading…)

Colin Powell pleased by Barack Obama’s success
Former US secretary of state Colin Powell said Monday he is pleased by African-American White House hopeful Barack Obama’s success in the early presidential nominating contests. (Continue Reading…)

Vick enters drug program Rehab, move to Kansas may cut prison time
Suspended Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison for his guilty plea on charges related to dogfighting, plans to enter a drug treatment program that could reduce his time behind bars. (Continue Reading…)

Hillary Clinton loses women to Barack Obama
Women voters, long taken for granted by Hillary Clinton as she gave speeches about making history as the first female American president, are deserting her in droves for her rival Barack Obama. (Continue Reading…)

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