logo20.jpgl_60725a2f44fa52f4af038b8de83e9c7f.jpgOprah leaves boyfriend Stedman out of her will
Fearing that her estimated $2 billion fortune would be squandered in the event of her untimely passing, Oprah Winfrey’s leaving nothing to chance. The talk-show titan recently prepared her will, and according to the National Enquirer, she’s left a significant someone out of it completely. (Continue Reading…)

Kenya President Says No Recount, or Vote
President Mwai Kibaki, addressing countrymen who had to flee blazing homes and rampaging mobs armed with machetes and arrows in Kenya’s seething political turmoil, defiantly rejected demands Wednesday for a new election or vote recount. Violence set off by opposition claims that Kibaki stole the Dec. 27 presidential election raged on, causing a new exodus of refugees, and there was little sign of softening by the president or his chief rival, Raila Odinga. (Continue Reading…)

Baltimore Sues Wells Fargo for Subprimes
Black neighborhoods in Baltimore were disproportionately affected by the subprime mortgage fallout, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday by the city, which is attempting to recoup the costs of maintaining neighborhoods wracked by foreclosures. (Continue Reading…)

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