logo20.jpgdream.jpgMaya Angelou’s poem in praise of Hillary
Maya Angelou, the African-American poet who is one of the most influential and respected literary voices of the modern age, has written a poem praising Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign for The Observer. Angelou, author of an autobiographical series of books, including the international bestseller I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, was moved to send the verse after being asked by the newspaper for her reflections on Clinton. (Continue Reading…)

Nigeria: Govt Plans to Chase Tobacco Firms Out
On the heels of massive law suits filed against tobacco companies British American Tobacco and Philip Morris, the Nigerian government has announced its intention to ban smoking in public places in Nigeria’s capital territory. Government ministers in Abuja have also said they plan to issue new health regulations controlling tobacco products and prevent tobacco companies from entering the market in the future. (Continue Reading…)

Oprah.com Flooded With Criticism for Her Support of Obama
Television talk show guru and women’s rights advocate Oprah Winfrey has been dubbed “traitor” by some of her online supporters for her decision to support Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. Oprah.com, Winfrey’s Web site, has been flogged by negative posts and the majority of this uprising seems to be coming from Clinton supporters, the U.K.’s Sunday Times Online reports. Apparently, her detractors think she should be a woman before an African American. (Continue Reading…)

Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy oversimplified, scholars say
They are some of the most famous words in American history: “I have a dream …” And the man who said them has become an icon. Martin Luther King Jr. has certainly gotten his share of attention this year, the subject of a presidential campaign controversy over his legacy that blew up just around the time of the holiday created to honor him. (Continue Reading…)

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