l_033869d6553881bce83669630584c5bd2.jpgSo here we are. The first day of 2008. First, I would like to say how blessed and thankful we are to be approaching the one year anniversary mark. I can honestly say that two years ago I would have never thought I would be running Clutch and being able to share my dream with the world. So again, I say thank you for supporting and empowering us!

Speaking of empowering, the other day I was chatting with a friend about our image in the media and how we interact with each other. After the conversation, I couldn’t shake one of her comments, which was when Black women have knowledge or know-how a lot of us choose not to pass it on to other sisters. I can say that definitely struck a cord with me and that very day I vowed to pass on any and everything I could to women who were interested in learning anything I have been blessed to obtain in my 28 years on this earth.

I would like to challenge all of my sisters to support and love one another in 2008 and beyond. Let’s build and repair and try to live by the following manifesto. Even though it is entitled “The Woman of Color Manifesto,” it can be translated to all ethnicities. But because I am a proud African American woman I wanted to speak directly to my gorgeous sisters.

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