Offering an array of services, Fairweather Faces, Inc. is a one-stop destination to becoming your sexiest. Everything from hair styling, makeup, manis and pedis, top of the line spa services and even your own personal make up shopper, has made being beautiful so easy. Clutch was able to catch up with CEO and founder of Fairweather Faces, Andrea Fairweather, to discuss this season’s trends and beauty solutions.

Q: What inspired you to become a makeup artist? And how did you start in the business?
I was inspired to become a makeup artist through an injury. I was a dancer in college and fell during dance class. It was an epiphany moment. During the healing phase, I realized that I must choose a profession that I was interested in and had a natural talent to do. Makeup was it.

I started as a makeup artist in NYC Department stores. Great training ground. I got to meet people from all over the world and cater to their various makeup needs.

Q: Have you done makeup for any celebrities or magazine publications?
I do work with various celebrities and magazine publications. It is always a blessing when they call for services.

Q: What has been the most challenging project to date for you?
Reminding myself to balance my life as well as cater to my clients’ needs. Life is always better when you take care of yourself.

Q: In terms of makeup, what colors should we be embracing for this winter?
Warm tones, deep berries, purples and chocolate hues. They look so fly on the lips and nails.

Q: How do you keep abreast of the latest trends?
Fairweather Faces creates our own trends! We are leaders and spiritually know what’s hot before it hits the public.

Q: What products should women never leave home without?
Blotting sheets (for oily skin), lip gloss and a blush that doubles as an eyeshadow.

Q: What are some of your best beauty tips to offer women of color?
Work your natural tones in the eyelids. It appears as if we are already wearing eye shadow (by way of our undertones), so if you apply your foundation and concealer correctly, you will enhance those eyelid colors.

Q: For women on a budget, what is the easiest thing we can do with makeup to create the biggest impact?
If you apply your concealer and powder correctly, a pop of mascara, blush and lip gloss, then you can look pulled together for less time and money.

Q: Let’s talk about eyebrow grooming. What is an easy fix for the over-tweezed eyebrow?
A makeup fix for an over-tweezed eyebrow is to fill in with a complementary eye shadow color using an eyebrow brush. It gives the most natural look.

Q: Should your eyebrows always match your hair color? How safe is eyebrow bleaching?
Your eyebrows should be one shade lighter, yet still in the hue of your hair color. If brows are the same color or darker, it will give a harsh look to the face. Eyebrow bleaching is safe if a professional provides that service.

Q: What inspired you to start Fairweather Faces? And what other services do you offer?
I wanted to create an opportunity for me and other artists to travel to the clients’ location to provide services. Fairweather Faces provides (on-site) makeup, nails, hairstyling, massage therapy and personal shopping services. We are located across the country in order to service our clients.

Q: What is most gratifying about the work you do?
Hearing the artists get excited when they work with someone they admire. Also seeing the faces of the clients light up when they look in the mirror. They trust us so much, and that means the world us.

Q: What advice can you offer to aspiring makeup artists and entrepreneurs?
Study your craft/business top to bottom! You must add your special touch to it in order to be different from the rest.

To learn more please visit www.fairweatherfaces.com

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