doing_great.jpgPosters and CD’s that promote rap duo “Big Koon & Hollywood” were plastered on trees, poles and rails all throughout the University. The name “Big Koon” caught the attention of students and caused some to have mixed feelings about the situation. “There are so many posters around campus, it doesn’t matter. They’re trying to be big one day,” said Cory Young, a junior criminal justice student from Palm Beach County. While some students were OK with the name and multitude of posters, others were not.

“It’s ignorance. It’s like Nas’ new album [that is titled a racial slur],” said Jim Gedeon, 20, a junior political science student from Palm Beach Garden. “I’m not surprised. It’s freedom of speech but it should not be placed up.” Electoral Commissioner Marva Butler explained the policy to place up posters in the University.

It has to be approved by the Office of Student Union and Activities, and there must be an approval stamp, said Butler, 23, a fifth-year MBA student from Washington, D.C. The Big Koon and Hollywood promoters did not request approval, therefore making them illegal to place on the premises, but even if requested, would the college approve? (Continue Reading…)

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