ainside1.jpgInside me is an alluring collection of poems and reflections overflowing with the potency of a real life struggle for love, survival and change. In her book, Ahnaise gives you an inside look at her life as a young girl becoming a young women. Stepping over hurdles of family, friends, love and loss, she shares her soul poetically page after page. You will be left speechless and inspired. From living with a drug addicted mother to becoming a girl gone lost then finding what she thought was her prince charming only to find herself in the end. Ahnaise is definitely one of this year’s truest poets.

“I often think of the space I was in when writing became my confidant. I think of the times my hands moved so feverishly across the page that my words were illegible. Poetry is my therapy first and my gift second. I use it to vent, to confide, and at times to understand my own madness. I used to be selfish with my poetry because I was afraid to let anyone know me so deeply. I had to realize that the experiences that I have had in my life regardless to how I may have felt like no one could possibly understand, my life was not unique; that there will always be someone who can relate to some part of it all . . . sharing my journey is my gift. I pray that someone reading my words will find something there to claim as their own.”

Born in Los Angeles, Ahnaise has been featured on stage and film and now a self-published author, the 24 year old has only just begun to make her mark. INSIDE ME Vol. I is available at www.ahnaise.com.

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  • Dr G Bekele

    Dear Ahnaise,

    First and foremost, I send you my warmest Ethiopian greeting from London, England. I say this because although originally I am an Ethiopian citizen, I studied and now live in the United Kingdom. But please accept my sincere and wholehearted apologies too, for intruding on you like this after I watched Sally’s American TV Program this week on which you and your mum appeared and told a sorry-tale but equally a heart-warming story of your mum who experienced some drug addiction. I thought the program was aired long ago but just shown for the first time or may be second time on British TV. As they say, better late than never. For your information too, it really and truly made me weep and or sob like a baby. You were pretty and moreover too, an inspiration to many people around the world. God bless you. As a result, it was my fervent desire and great wishes to search for your whereabouts just to know you better and be closer as well if at all possible. The world is a small place and life is too short as well. More or less, are you the right person that I am talking about here or you happen to be another Ahnaise who share the same name? If you are not a person whom I saw on Sally’s TV program, please forgive me and forget it. But if you are the one I saw and heard, I would very much appreciate if you be kind enough to find time to drop me a line or two at your earliest possible convenience? I would also welcome you with open hands and accommodation and Ethiopian and British hospitality too, if at any time in future, you come to London for a visit as well. last but not least, I tried to open your website http://www.ahnaise.com to purchase your latest book but I could not do so for some reason. I may have to look through other book stores. Having said that, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  • Her new website is http://www.ahnaise.net