J Mary


jmary1.jpgI used to have a love/hate relationship with couture. I mean, I always appreciated the artistry and craftsmanship involved, but I could really never imagine an occasion for which I would ever need to wear it. Enter demi-couture line, JMary. Sharp and tailored but artfully executed J Mary has changed the way I think about “high fashion.” Her clothing reads serious upgrade and is something that a woman who is serious about fashion can really appreciate.

Finding information on the designer herself proved to be a bit of a task, but finding fans of her work was another story. Diana Ross, Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Murphy, Demi Moore, and Janet Jackson—not a group of women you can easily find a common thread for—have all been seen wearing JMary. While wearing JMary’s quilted leather jackets, fitted suits, or flowing blouses each of these ladies, with their strikingly different fashion aesthetics, looked nothing short of sophisticated.

Fast forward to spring 2008, which marks the debut of her ready-to-wear collection, and I have visions of sitting pretty in luxurious chiffon and silk dancing in my head. All of my favorite characteristics from her couture collections, like astute attention to detail and fit, are clearly carried over to ready-to-wear, but with a touch of practicality that I can image for an utterly fabulous everyday life. Visit JMary.com for more information.


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