musthavem1.jpg1b_dm12.jpgDr. Miracle’s Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment ($9.99, drmiracles.com) Let 2008 be the year that you start making haircare a top priority. No matter the hairstyle—natural, relaxed, braids or blow-dried—quality haircare is something that we all need. With a market full of products and techniques that claim to strengthen and promote healthy hair growth, it’s hard to decide what products or tactics truly promote healthy hair. I have found a combination of things works to get my hair in the best condition possible. I drink lots of water, take multivitamins, get my ends trimmed and use Dr. Miracle’s Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment
($9.99, drmiracles.com).

Dr. Miracle’s Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment is a tingling cream that works to stimulate the scalp, promotes hair growth and strengthens hair to prevent breakage. They call the tingling sensation the “Feel It Formula,” and its main goal is to support growing hair and a healthy scalp. The Medicated Treatment also contains Dr. Miracle’s Thermalceutical Complex, which ends breakage, damage and lack of shine. I wash my hair as normal and then apply a healthy serving to my scalp and hair. I then cover my head with a hot towel and let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse. After one treatment your hair will feel and look stronger and healthier. Now, if Dr. Miracle’s could work on a cellulite cream then we would really be in business. Oh well, I guess having great hair will keep people’s eyes glued on my hair instead of my thighs.

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