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Leahy Endorsement Could Give Obama A Subtle Boost Among Dems
Sen. Patrick Leahy’s endorsement of Barack Obama today would at first seem to have little intrinsic value – Vermont has a tiny share of delegates and isn’t even among the states voting on Feb. 5. But it does give Obama a good name to toss out, one that is seen as both experienced and a favorite of establishment Democrats. (Continue Reading…)

Black Voters Generations Apart
When civil rights elders signed on to support Hillary Rodham Clinton’s run for president, it was seen as a coup in the competition for the black vote, especially in the Deep South. Yet many younger black voters seem to be shrugging off the sway of leaders such as Rep. John Lewis and former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, siding instead with Barack Obama’s history-making bid to be the nation’s first black president. (Continue Reading…)

Bush calls for broad-based tax relief to spur economy
President Bush on Friday proposed a temporary, broad-based tax relief package aimed at spurring the nation’s slowing economy. “We can provide a shot in the arm” to the economy, Bush said Friday at the White House. During remarks at the White House, Bush, flanked by economic advisers, said the nation’s economy is at risk for a downturn and Congress must act to head off trouble. (Continue Reading…)

Huckabee takes heat for gay marriage comments
Republican Mike Huckabee is taking heat from some members of the gay community over recent comments that appeared to equate gay marriage with bestiality. In an interview with the religious Web site beliefnet.com, Huckabee pushes back on recent critics who have called some of his positions “radical.” (Continue Reading…)

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