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newissuealert1.jpgart2114obamahillgi.jpgClinton, Obama clash in Democratic debate
Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engaged in a bitter crossfire on Monday as their U.S. presidential campaign took an ugly personal turn on the Martin Luther King holiday. Obama’s complaints about former President Bill Clinton’s attacks on him on behalf of his wife’s campaign boiled over at a rancorous debate. Hillary Clinton flayed Obama for his praise of the late President Ronald Reagan, a Republican icon reviled by many Democrats. (Continue Reading…)

CNN readers respond angrily to ‘race or gender’ story
Within minutes of posting a story on CNN’s homepage called “Gender or race: Black women voters face tough choices in South Carolina,” readers reacted quickly and angrily. Many took umbrage at the story’s suggestion that black women voters face “a unique, and most unexpected dilemma” about voting their race or their gender. CNN received dozens of e-mails shortly after posting the story, which focuses largely on conversations about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that a CNN reporter observed at a hair salon in South Carolina whose customers are predominantly African-American. (Continue Reading…)

Clinton-Obama dislike boils over
PERSONAL antipathy and pent-up anger boiled over as Democratic foes Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama accused each other of twisting the truth in a fiery US presidential election campaign debate. (Continue Reading…)

Wal-Mart’s First Lady
Twice in three days last week, Hillary Rodham Clinton basked in the adulation of cheering union members. Her record of supporting collective bargaining, however, is considerably worse than wobbly. (Continue Reading…)

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