Jones’ Judge Wants More Sentencing Info
The federal judge who will sentence former Olympic champion Marion Jones is considering punishing her twice — once for lying about her steroid use and once for lying about her role in a check-fraud scheme. Judge Kenneth Karas served notice Thursday that he might go beyond the six-month maximum prison term suggested in Jones’ plea deal, saying he “is not bound by that agreement”. (Continue Reading…)

Kenya’s Kibaki ready for unity govt to end crisis
Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki said on Saturday he was ready to form a government of national unity to end post-election violence that has killed 300 people and forced 250,000 to flee their homes. The development could be a breakthrough after a week-long stalemate between Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga, who says the president stole the December 27 election. (Continue Reading…)

Hair Products Raise Concern Among Black Women
Oils are essential for healthy hair, and African-American women may need more. “African-American women need more oil in their hair because of the dryness that our natural texture has,” said Candice Finnell, owner of Textures Salon in Indianapolis. (Continue Reading…)

Rev. Al Sharpton laughs off notion Obama win slap in face to his politics
The Rev. Al Sharpton is getting a little ticked off that so many people see Barack Obama’s Iowa victory as a rejection of Sharpton-style politics. “This almost laughable notion has been repudiated consistently by Mr. Obama himself,” Sharpton sniffed in a defensive statement Friday. He noted that Obama has made “several public appearances with me to show his respect” for Sharpton’s civil rights activism, and that the two had “a public dinner” at Sylvia’s in Harlem a month ago. (Continue Reading…)

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