logo20.jpgl_60725a2f44fa52f4af038b8de83e9c7f.jpgBill Bradley endorses Obama’s campaign
Bill Bradley, a former presidential hopeful and senator, on Sunday endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president.”Barack Obama is building a broad new coalition that brings together Democrats, independents and Republicans by once again making idealism a central focus of our politics,” Bradley said in a statement released by Obama’s campaign. “Because of his enormous appeal to Americans of all ages and backgrounds, Obama is the candidate best positioned to win in November. … His movement for change could create a new era of American politics — truly a new American story.” (Continue Reading…)

Inside Africa’s largest slum
If hell has a railway, it might look like the one that snakes through the stinking shantytown of Kibera. Here in Africa’s largest slum, where half a million or more Kenyans squat in mud and tin squalor, every side of the tracks is wrong. (Continue Reading…)

Black Leaders in a Quandary
Barack Obama’s resounding victory in Iowa is creating intense pressure on black leaders who have backed Hillary Clinton, and it has exposed a generation gap between cautious older black preachers and politicians and their younger counterparts and students. (Continue Reading…)

Hundreds march against racism
The march symbolized a time of healing. It started at a neighborhood park, but by the time it reached the northwest Arlington home where the garage doors were marred with racial slurs, the crowd had swelled to more than 300. The homeowner told the marchers to persevere. (Continue Reading…)

Sharpton Leads Protest in Shooting Case
The Rev. Al Sharpton led a rally Saturday to protest the conviction of a black man in the fatal shooting of a white teenager on Long Island, saying the prosecution of the case was unjust. (Continue Reading…)

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