logo20.jpgweekend12.jpgSupremecist Group to March in Jena, La.
A white supremacist group will be allowed to hold a rally here on Martin Luther King Day without posting a $10,000 bond after a federal judge questioned the constitutionality of the law requiring the bond, officials said Friday. (Continue Reading…)

Analysis: In South Carolina, Black Women Could be Key for Democrat
Lenora Powe is a county council member in tiny Cheraw, S.C., but symbolically she is at the epicenter of the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. She is trying to decide between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and ex-Sen. John Edwards, and says she may not make up her mind until she is in the voting booth January 26, when South Carolina Democrats hold their primary. (Continue Reading…)

Angry under-16s ‘have law on kissing wrong’
The justice department says the so-called “kissing law” was never meant to police children but merely to protect them from sexual exploitation. Since President Thabo Mbeki signed the Sexual Offences Act into law last month, there has been an outcry from teenagers on social networking website Facebook and in the media. (Continue Reading…)

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