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Hillary Clinton, on the comeback trail? It’s a nice story but it’s nonsense. In the aftermath of Clinton’s narrow victory over Barack Obama in last Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, her campaign instantly sold the win as a miraculous return from the grave. This was an obvious tack for them to take, given Bill Clinton’s famous comeback in 1992 and that Cinderella stories play well in the media. (Continue Reading…)

Rwanda: Children of the Genocide Struggle to Cope
What Gilbert Nshimyumukiza remembers most about the Rwandan genocide is that it started to rain as he and his brothers tried to carry his mortally wounded father back into their house. The ground was slick with mud and their father was too heavy — so they covered their father with a sheet and waited for him to die. (Continue Reading…)

Man who died in Gables Tasing identified
A man in his 20s died after a Coral Gables police officer used a Taser stun gun to subdue him Friday morning. He was identified Friday afternoon as Xavier Jones, 29. Jones had been disruptive at a party and resisted arrest, according to Miami-Dade police, whose homicide bureau is investigating the death. (Continue Reading…)

Clinton Blames Obama Camp Over Remark
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday faulted chief rival Barack Obama’s campaign for twisting her comments about slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. (Continue Reading…)

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