When is a scarf more than just a scarf? When it’s made by Zazou! For over 22 years the company has been designing scarves that they believe to be more than just an afterthought. For them, scarves are not just an accessory, but a way of life. Wear Zazou and change the details change your life.

Wrapping yourself in style this winter is easy with plush shawls and wraps, of-the-moment fingerless gloves, along with other cold-weather accouterments in prints that you’re not likely to see anywhere else. These prints are designed exclusively for Zazou by Californian painter Christopher Carroll, who uses paint, cut paper, pen and ink and collage techniques to create them.

zazou13521.jpgInnovative techniques are surely one of the determining factors that has ensured the brand’s longevity. Zazou was huge during an era when glam rock (think lurex and flash) were all the rage. Now the industry buzzword is “green” and Zazou is fashionably following suit, with their current rage—bamboo. The company has stated, “Bamboo has been huge for us—we do it in pashmina, a jersey and in two new prints for spring. Wool, linen and also gauze. In bags we are searching for the ultimate re-cycled tote.” According to Zazou, eco-chic and eco-sexy are the way to go for spring. So, while you might never drive a hybrid or have an all organic diet, Eco-chic is certainly something that’s right your my alley.

To learn more about Zazou, visit www.zazou.com.

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