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Black and Married with Kids, a blog created by husband and wife team Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, gives us a glimpse into what it’s really like to be well….black and married with kids. Filled with pearls of wisdom and commentary on everything from politics to child rearing to dating and relationships, Black and Married with Kids sheds light on a something that’s rarely covered in the media–positive images of black family life.


Ronnie & Lamar: www.blackandmarriedwithkids.com

Q: Please introduce yourself!
We’re Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, a middle class black family in the DC area raising three kids now with one more on the way any day.

Q: “Black and Married with Kids” is pretty new to the blogesphere. When did you officially launch?
Lamar: We officially launched the second week of December ‘07 so we’re pretty new to the blog game.

Q: When we heard the name of your blog the first thing came to mind was “The Bundy’s” from the FOX comedy “Married with Children.” Did your love for the comedy have a factor in your name?
Ronnie: Not so much from TV, I think we were looking for a name that when you looked at it, you would know exactly what you were in for. We also wanted a name that conveyed who the two of us were.

Q: So, how long have you two been married and we heard you have a bun in the oven Ronnie, Congratulations! – How many months are you?!
Ronnie: We’ve been married for close to three years after a whirlwind courtship! I’m almost nine months preggers now so by the time this runs on Clutch our new baby girl should be coming any day to check out how the interview turned out.

Q: What type of issues, topics and features can one expect to see on “Black and Married with Kids”?
Lamar: We talk parenting, current events, movie and music reviews, politics and relationships of course for the single and married. Just real everyday issues that people go through, but with a twist. We give you the male and female point of views and really get into the topics with our readers (who leave the best comments on the web). One day we might be talking Obama and the next Ronnie’s asking is she’s lame for driving a minivan or we’re letting our readers know how long is too long to be in a relationship if your waiting to get married.

Q: What is the purpose and mission of “Black and Married with Kids”?
The primary purpose of the blog is to put a positive face on black families and marriage. Not all black families are single parent households like many would lead you to believe. There are black families with a mother and father in the home dealing with everyday issues, and that’s what we represent.

Q: Lamar, in three words describe Ronnie
Caring, Intelligent, Sexy

Q: Ronnie, in three words describe Lamar.
Ambitious, Smart, Sweet

Q: What blogs and sites do you both frequent?
Homeland Colors [www.homelandcolors.blogspot.com]

The State Of [www.thestateof.com]

What Black Men Think [www.wbmt.wordpress.com]

Redding News Review [www.reddingnewsreview.com]

Juicy-News [www.juicy-news.blogspot.com]

Savvy Socialite [www.savvysocialite.com]

Myvoicedc.com [www.myvoicedc.com]

Clutch of course!

Q: Why should someone add, “Black and Married with Kids” to their daily reading list?
Ronnie: We deliver fresh content every day and our blog provides a chance for you to share your experiences as you listen to ours. When we write we’re going to deliver the truth and not sugarcoat anything but at the same time make you laugh and make you think.

Q: One last question, what is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who is single?
Lamar: Read the blog. We talk relationships and our readers really get into it. They’re both single and married and they share what works and what doesn’t work for them. I think if I was single I could learn a lot by reading “Black and Married With Kids.” How long is too long to date, why are there so many single black females, beware of advice, and what to do when no one agrees with your relationship are just some of the topics we’ve covered and I think our single readers have learned from them.


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