When you think of butter, you think of its rich, smooth and creamy texture. And that’s exactly what Christine Grant of Brown Butter Soap wants your skin to feel like. Launched to the public on New Years Eve 2007, Brown Butter Soap uses natural ingredients to moisturize and promote healthy skin. Each batch of soap is made from scratch using vegetable oils and lye. Unlike many commercial soaps that can leave your skin dry and irritated, Brown Butter Soap products contain naturally occurring glycerin and “Young Living” therapeutic essential oil, one of the best essential oils currently for purchase in the United States. Instead of cosmetic grade oils, herbal and food grade oils, raw unrefined shea butter and coco butter are used in Brown Butter Soap products, which are designed to moisturize and promote healthier skin and hair. Brown Butter Soaps offers the most potent and effective ingredients in its Soaps, Body Butters, Hair Oil and Mustard Bath Salts at great market prices.

You can purchase Brown Butter Soap at www.etsy.com

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