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  • tremaine

    Thank you for this, I learned something new today.

  • Tiffany

    Thanks for the info…


    Hi: As an Oklahoma Kid who grew up reading the Black Dispatch and had a great deal of respect and reverence for Roscoe Dunjee, I am happy to learn that one of his family members is keeping his mission alive. Mr. Dunjee is one of the reasons that I myself am a Black Journalist dedicated to keeping the truth and the real information about our accomplishments before us. It is what set Oklahoma City Blacks apart from many Blacks who were prey to what whites interpreted as the truth. It would be wonderful to have some of the reprints and archives of the Black Dispatch for those who did not have the blessings and privilege of growing up in an Oklahoma City where all our teachers, principals, business owners, theaters, etc were Black owned and black run…where we celebrated each other, worked together, stuck together, etc. I am so proud of us.
    I graduated from Douglass Sr. High School in 1963; we participated in the Sit ins of that time. Ms. Clara Luper was our mentor, and we had some sterling leaders who participated and led the after school programs as well as worked integrally with us in various community events. We put on performances for Negro History Week (now known to you as Black History Month), and we contribted to Carter G. Woodson’s Institute for the Study of Negro Life and History every year. Mr. Dunjee was a great inspiration to us all. Again thanks for sharing.
    Please feel free to share these comments.