logo20.jpg_44389678_sexworker203b.jpgSA call to legalise prostitution
“It is one of the things that would make it a success,” the ruling African National Congress parliamentarian said. It would help cut the incidences of rape and would bring in taxes to fight poverty, he told his colleagues. The opposition Democratic Alliance criticised the idea but a group representing sex workers welcomed it. (Continue Reading…)

‘The African Presence in México’ breaks new ground
CONSIDERING all the recent speculation about hostility between blacks and Latinos, you have to cringe when you hear what happened to historian Christopher West on a working trip south of the border four years ago. The African American academic was helping research the influence of tourism on children in Isla Mujeres, an idyllic island near Cancun, when a local boy on the street threw a piece of pan dulce at him. (Continue Reading…)

Snipes acquitted of tax fraud, conspiracy
Actor Wesley Snipes was found guilty Friday on three misdemeanor charges of failing to file tax returns — but jurors cleared him of more serious felony charges of tax fraud and conspiracy. A smiling Wesley Snipes leaves the courthouse after the verdicts were returned Friday. (Continue Reading…)

Many Educated Black Women Often Choose To Remain Single
On March 3, 2003, Newsweek Magazine featured a cover story that highlighted the challenge that many African-American women face in search of a romantic partner in today’s dating scene. With many Black women having more successful careers and more financial stability than many of their male counterparts in the African-American Community, the prospect of finding a potential husband with an equal or greater degree of earning power and career success seems highly unlikely. (Continue Reading…)

Jamaica warned over attacks on gays
Campaigners have urged Jamaican authorities to stamp out anti-gay violence after one man disappeared and another was severely injured in a recent mob attack. A group of about 20 people in the central mountain town of Mandeville threw bottles at the men’s home, broke down the door and attacked them on January 29. The group chased one man while the other had his left ear severed, his arm broken in two places and his spine possibly damaged. (Continue Reading…)

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