logo20.jpgaleqm5g12ysg-zmd8ghimieask8oe5aykq.jpegDisplaced Kenyans Find More Problems
Since their home was torched six weeks ago, Peter Monderu’s six children sleep tangled like puppies on the cold ground. His 9-year-old girl bears the scars of a horrific arson attack on a church, and his fearful wife startles awake at the least sound. (Continue Reading…)

Whites to be minority in US by 2050: study
Immigration will drive the population of the United States sharply upward between now and 2050, and will push whites into a minority, projections by the Pew Research Center showed Monday. (Continue Reading…)

Black ABC engineer sues Disney over noose display
A black engineer sued Disney’s American Broadcasting Co on Monday, saying his supervisors refused to remove a black doll that dangled from a hangman’s noose near his work station for more than a year. (Continue Reading…)

How ‘blackness’ has figured in the Obama campaign
It was November 2006 when Senator Barack Obama first gathered friends and advisers at the offices of a Washington law firm to brainstorm about what it would take for the African American senator from Illinois to win the presidency. Those who attended the meeting said the mix of excitement and trepidation at times felt asphyxiating, as the group weighed the challenges of such a long shot. (Continue Reading…)

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