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Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your line.
“My name is Desiree’ Flowers, and I’m the designer and creator of DF Deluxe (Handbags). It all started in college when I bought my first sewing machine at a garage sale. My first endeavor was to try to make a shirt. What a disaster! I tell you, it was one HOT, stir-fried MESS! The shirt was so small that when I tried it on, it had to be surgically removed. I literally had to cut my way out of it! Needless to say, I knew clothing wasn’t my forte. I quickly kept it moving and decided to make a handbag—and ever since then it’s been on and poppin! I created DF Deluxe as a creative outlet. I am a very imaginative and artistic woman. I’m very driven to create something new . . . anything new! Believe me, I could sew you a handbag, draw a portrait of you, give you a full head weave while writing you a song all in one breath! I just love to create. But I also created DF Deluxe because I needed something fresh and new. A bag that I knew I could say, ‘If I go out, I’m not going to see 50 other chicks with it, too.’ All bags and clutches are designed and handmade by me. Sometimes I’ll see one rare piece that inspires a new clutch so a lot of times the design will be one-of-a-kind (which is an added bonus!).

You know, people always say you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he’s wearing. For women, it’s the same. I think you can tell a lot about a woman by the handbag she’s rockin! What does your handbag say about you? When you’re working a DF Deluxe design, you’re making a statement. Each design is like a piece of art . . . made for those who are fun, edgy, unique, one-of-a-kind and who like to step out of the box. And when you want to change it up a taste, there’s a bag for you, no matter what mood you’re in. Sexy. Sassy. Cheeky. Classy. DF Deluxe bags are perfect for every occasion! DF Deluxe is not just about bags, though. It’s a brand committed to making women feel like the fabulous beings they were born to be! So, in the future I hope to expand to jewelry, and maybe one day even beauty. The sky is the limit!”

Q: If there was one “must-have” or “it” bag which would it be?
“Every bag has its own personality, so it’s really hard to choose. But my three personal favorites are the Kitty Clutch, Yumi Clutch and the Dulce Tote. You can rock the Kitty Klutch with some skinny jeans and a pair of bold colored pumps or booties and easily be the flyest chick in the room. That bag says I’m sexy, unique, confident, and you are sure to have instant swagger when you carry that clutch. Yumi (sounds like “yoomee”), I’m loving her because the colors are simply fab! She’s so vibrant and yummy (thus the name “Yumi”). You can’t help but feel pretty and girly. Finally, the Dulce Tote is my first large size handbag. She is fun and big enough to carry all of your favorite goodies.”

df-desi.jpgQ: Ok. Desiree’, if we were to peek into your bag right now, what would we find. What’s in your clutch?
“I carry the most random things in my purse. On a bad day you can find everything from a monkey wrench to a bottle of hot sauce! On a good day you might peak in and find my personalized DF Deluxe coin purse, keys to the whip, a mini bottle of Fuzzy Peach Oil fragrance from The Body Shop, a pretty pink gloss in the shade of Chihuahua from NARS (to keep the lips plump and juicylicious), some Strident gum or Vickie Mints (to keep the breath smelling right), and of course, every DF Deluxe chick has to have her cellie (cellular phone) to stay connected. Being a DF Deluxe chick is about making moves and being about your business so staying connected is a must!”

Q: What celebs would you like to see rockin’ your line?
“Every woman becomes a celebrity when she rocks one of my DF Deluxe designs! That’s because you feel fabulous, you shine, you stand out, and if nobody knows your name, they’ll most definitely want to know where you copped that fabulous bag! As far as big-name celebs I would like to see rockin’ my line—names like Rihanna, Keyshia Cole and Eve come to mind. I want to see a star that is a risk-taker and edgy when it comes to fashion . . . one who likes to have fun, and most importantly one who has a passion and love for life and it shows in their style and the way they rock their clothes. It’s all about knowing who you are and finding a fun way to express that and translate it through fashion!

Q: Designers often find inspiration from unlikely sources. Where’s the strangest place you’ve found inspiration?
“Last summer I went on vacation to Belize (where my family is from). We took a trip to the zoo there. The animal cages aren’t like here in the U.S. They’re similar to a simple fence you might find in your own backyard. No kidding! You’re able to get so close to the animals that you could literally reach out and touch them. I specifically recall the ocelot and jaguar cage. At an arms length away I could view in vivid detail the lush colors of its spotted leopard coat against the backdrop of the green rainforest foliage and trees. From the luxurious texture of the snakeskin, to the bold hues of the toucan feathers, it was a feast for the eyes! I was truly inspired by nature and all of its effortless beauty. That’s why you’ll see that animal print is dominant in my fall/winter 2007 collection (which you can check out online at www.myspace.com/dfdeluxe or [email protected]).”

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