78767106.jpgWe would all love to be pampered every day of the year. I would even settle for being pampered just on Valentine’s Day. But with a boyfriend who is as romantic as a rock, I am not betting on it. But I decided a long time ago you just can’t wait for anybody else to do it for you. If you want to be pampered you have to pamper yourself. So as this Valentine’s Day roles around it’s time to celebrate self-love and take the time and energy to do something that is loving for you. The following are suggestions and products to start the pampering process.

prod_1049672_xl.jpgprod_1051502_lg.gif*Give yourself a spa treatment like a manicure or pedicure at home with fun or indulgent products. Soak nails in warm sudsy water for at least five minutes. Push back cuticles and trim nails to desired length. Try using a fun kit like Avon’s I Love Implements Kit ($5.99, avon.com). Then paint nails an exciting color that will lift spirits. For Valentine’s Day have fun with COLOR TREND Valentine’s Day Nail Enamel in Lovey Dovey ($2.99, avon.com).
shopcrabtree_1986_67859081.jpeg* Make an appointment to get your legs waxed. Nothing will make you feel sexier than silky, freshly waxed legs that you can show off in a great dress. Keep legs velvety soft and radiant with Nadria Body Oil Spray ($20, crabtree-evelyn.com). This moisturizing oil also leaves skin with the luxurious scent of gardenia, Moroccan rose, nectarine, rare spices and sandalwood.

zi-1067.gif*Massage a luxurious body cream from head to toe. Now, I admit getting a massage from your own hands is a little different then receiving it from somebody else but a self-massage can still be really relaxing. Try massaging Zia Naturals Ultimate Body Butter ($16.95, zianatural.com) into skin using small circular strokes from your heels to your neck. This super intensive all-over body moisturizer uses shea and mango butter to lavish skin with moisture leaving skin smelling and feeling amazing.

1a_dm24.jpg* Give yourself a scalp treatment. Try Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula Hot Gro Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner ($7.99, walgreens.com). Apply treatment to the roots of your hair, massage, let sit and rinse. It’s wonderful for your hair and scalp and will leave you feeling recharged.

bpuffs_honeysuc_panties_thumb.jpg* Pamper yourself with a sexy gift that is strictly for your eyes (or other eyes if they get lucky!). Kama Sutra has a super cute Boudoir Puff Gift Pack ($19.99, kamasutra.com). This kit comes with a Strawberries & Champagne Puff and a pair of Flirtatious Panties. Dust the strawberry and honey flavored dust over your body for a light sweet fragrance. And slip the sexy panties on under a great outfit. A surefire way to feel sexy and fun.

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