Kenyans have been celebrating the power-sharing deal to end the country’s two-month political crisis.

Thousands of dancing and cheering people poured onto the streets of Kisumu, the home town of opposition leader Raila Odinga. He is set to become prime minister in a coalition with President Mwai Kibaki. The deal to end the crisis which saw some 1,500 people killed and 600,000 left homeless has also been warmly welcomed elsewhere in the country.

Mr Odinga and Mr Kibaki signed a power-sharing agreement, brokered by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, in the capital, Nairobi, on Thursday. Negotiations between the government and opposition lasted more than a month, stalling several times.

Mr Odinga told the BBC he wanted fresh elections within two years. He said the deal he signed with Mr Kibaki gave him genuine powers as prime minister, and there was agreement to fast-track amendments to the constitution so that he could take up office as soon as possible. (Continue Reading…)

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