lr-judys-silk-lace-bralette-148-and-jois-silk-lace-thong-78.jpgWhether the mood calls for a sensual seduction for two or a well-deserved self indulgence, Lavande SWK Lingerie by Stacey Walker King is just what the doctor ordered. Let your inner pin-up girl get some shine in these vintage inspired undergarments that are designed to “pique the imagination and stir the senses.” King’s silk and lace confections are so divine that you’ll want to save them for a special occasion, but won’t be able to resist wearing them just because.

Q: Tell us a little about the journey that led you to start Lavande SWK?
My first jobs post-college were in the buying offices at Saks Fifth Avenue, and in global product marketing for Avon Products. Working for such giants in the fashion and beauty world gave me such an incredible view of the industry as a whole, and just confirmed my love for fashion. After a few more years in the fashion trenches in NYC, I moved to the West Coast and became Fashion Director for a dotcom, Shopping The World, developing their fashion e-commerce division, as well as creating the e-zine that showcased new products and designers from the world’s renowned fashion capitals. Upon leaving Shopping the World two years later, I launched a personal shopping company, providing a service to high net-worth executive women. Even though the women could and would spend thousands on items for their outward appearance, some of them took issue with spending more than $50 on a bra. I knew then and there that if I ever launched a design business, it would be lingerie, so that I could share with my clients the importance and the power of beautiful garments.

Q:How do you want women to feel while wearing your designs?
Powerful, sexy, self-assured, well-treated and well-loved. I believe that lingerie is a sacred thing; it’s the item you wear closest to your skin and it reflects how a woman thinks of herself.

lk3.gifQ: Why do you think most women only think of buying lingerie for “special occasions”? Are your pieces designed for practical everyday wear?
I believe that American women think about lingerie in very specific terms. Look at the way it’s marketed: these are the pieces to wear for your man, or here are the items for your wedding night, for Valentine’s Day. We’re not shown to wear items to celebrate ourselves, and to feel that special all the time. I designed this line for the woman who doesn’t save her fine lingerie or designer heels for a special occasion. SHE is the occasion.

Q: What type of woman wears your line? Do you have anyone in mind when you design?
She defies a lot of the typical labels, but moreover she is an educated woman who pursues her varied goals, interests and loves with equal passion. I design for the modern woman, who rewards and surprises the people she loves, including herself.

Q: Are there any lingerie trends that we should be on the look out for?
The trend of innerwear crossing over to outerwear will continue. There’s also a return to traditionalism: beautiful vintage inspirations and detailing, full and half slips, high waisted briefs. And great fit and great fabrics will always be in style.

Q: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have any tips for the novice lingerie shopper who might be looking for something special for herself or to show off for her partner?
Go beyond the traditional reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day. Push the envelope with great colors – there are so many out there! – that work best for your skin tone. And definitely stay away from items that you don’t feel comfortable in, even if you think your partner will love them. The sexiest thing you can wear is confidence.

Q: Once we get our Lavande SWK lingerie home, what’s the best way to take care of it (i.e. cleaning, storage, etc)?
Because the pieces are all made of silk, I recommend hand washing in fine lingerie wash in cold water. Then line dry.

Q: You also run a personal shopping business, iCovet, how do you balance both of these ventures? To be honest, between Lavande SWK, my husband and my ten-month-old son, I have had to limit the number of personal shopping clients! So I’m currently not taking new clients for that side of the business these days. Because of my long-standing relationship with existing clients, I sometimes find that shopping for them is easier than shopping for myself! And because most of their needs are ongoing – not just special occasion shopping – I’m able to fit it in my schedule.

Q: How would you describe your personal style? What items are on your wish list for spring?
My style is classic and minimalist, nothing ever overdone. I pump up the volume of those simple silhouettes by adding a couple of standout pieces each day: either a major handbag, one big jewelry piece or to-die-for stilettos. And I live in LA, so denim is a must but I am a dress and high-heel fanatic!!!

Q: Can you share any future plans for the Lavande SWK line?
My goal is to continue to build the current line, grow my domestic and international clientèle and in future, launch complementary products that expand upon the Lavande SWK lifestyle. For more information visit lavande-swk.com


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