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  • rkj

    I agree. This song does seem a bit young for her. All of that cutesy, coquettish stuff she does is a bit young (and played) too.
    Same old, same old from Mariah. Thank goodness for Kenneth the intern.

  • The beauty of her voice is undeniable. But this song and video is awful. She does a great job of degrading herself and coming across as desperately needing attention…and she is getting too old for that kind of concept. She’s like “that” woman who still dresses in teenager’s clothes. Ugh, she looks pathetic.

  • Lish

    mariah is lame! The same style. The same image. she’s been in the game forever and she has not changed…im so bored with her. Yes mariah we know you look good for your age but come on lets switch it up if i see one more blk or silver dress on her imma scream!

  • Handbag Queen-UK

    Wow, the old girl is still singing about needing & wanting a man to touch her up….Why? Lord know’s!!!

    I was cracking up at some of the comments posted by sistas with sense…This grown arse fool is chatting $*%£!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s putting it nicely. M.C you need to take a leaf out of Mary. J. Blige’s book: KEEP THE GOODIES UNDER WRAPS, you don’t need to exhibit yourself to hit those SALES TARGETS.