It was a fashion “Aha!” moment when we were first put on to super fab shoe designs by Melody Ehsani. With come hither styling and opulent details these are the pumps you’ll reach for when it’s time go glam or go home. We got in step with the designer to find out more about the line that’s currently at the top of our covet list.

Q: Tell us more about the lady behind the pumps?
I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I’ve been designing shoes for the last couple of years, and I’m currently working on expanding my line. Design is my calling, and in following it I feel like I’m doing what I was really created to do, which is serve humanity. I’m particularly drawn towards helping young women wake up to who they are. I’m relentless and unshakeable when it comes to following things in which I believe are my assignment, so you’ll be seeing Melody Ehsani around for a long time.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a designer, particularly a shoe designer?
I always knew I was a designer, but I never viewed design as a career option growing up. I was brought up in a house with two artist parents who never made money off their art. My father passed when I was ten, so I always felt like I had to be super practical with my life. I went to UCLA and decided to go to law school, and eventually (after a lot of soul searching) I decided to drop out and follow my heart to study product design at the art center in Pasadena. I realized I had an amazingly intuitive talent for designing objects that functioned well and were aesthetically pleasing and that I LOVED doing it. Shoes are what carry you through the world, and I loved and understood them, so that’s where I started. But I am branching off into accessories and have some other products in the works that aren’t necessarily fashion-related.

melbw1.jpgQ: We have to admit, when we saw your line our jaws dropped! You are definitely an up and coming who’s who in the shoe game. What keeps you motivated and focused while traveling this road to international success?
I just learned how to meditate a few years ago, that’s been tremendous. Of course, friends. Keeping good company around me, people who continually love and inspire me huge.

And of course God – who is the ultimate resource. He’s like my business partner, so whatever I cant do…I’m like, “okay, it’s your turn,” and miracles happen, straight up.

Q: Give us the rundown on what type of things go through your mind or what you have to factor in when preparing to design a collection?
The practical side of me takes into consideration comfort at all times, so you’ll notice lots of straps and ankle closures designed to support your feet, in an aesthetically pleasing manner of course.

I’m also very conscious of detail. All of my heels have some sort of design or feature about them that makes them very unique. I call them the “I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you walk away” heels.

Lastly, color combinations and materials are very important to me. They determine a shoe’s personality. I used to collect sneakers, and my first exposure to shoe design was an internship with the sneaker company Cr8tive Recreation. My favorite part of the design process would always be color blocking the different panels and mixing different types of materials together. I used to sit at work and dream of carrying that philosophy over into stilettos, so you’ll be seeing much of that aesthetic carry over into my upcoming collections, and I’m very excited about it.

Q: As an up and coming designer, what designers inspire you?
No designer in particular. I’m inspired by everything. I like to live as much as I can in the present and keep myself in the mix with everything, not just fashion and other designers but music, art, architecture, world affairs, movies. If you ask my friends they’ll tell you that every table and shelf and corner in my house is always filled with objects and documents that have at some point been sources of inspiration and pleasure to me.

melody_estevan.jpgQ: Tell us about your newest collection?
Lots of purple, coral, metallics and sea foam green. I like this collection because the shoe doesn’t wear you…in the photos they look all right…but when you put em on, it’s like whoa! It’s a very deceiving collection and the details are subtle but strong.

My inspirations were Donyale Luna, Female comic book heroes, the Slauson swap meet, ANKLE SOCKS! –ones you can wear with heels, Hollywood Blvd and Cleopatra.

Q: We know you have to stay on top of trends in fashion. When designing shoes we also know you have to take in additional details such as, heel height, sole and materials. What shoe trends are in for this year?
Culture specific patterns, pyramid heels, exposed platforms, laminated leather, the 70’s, revolution, teal, mandarin, purple and asphalt with hints of neon. Lace ups, small studs, snake skin, color blocking and fringe.

Q: Speaking of the show, what celebrity gets an A++ from you?
I’ve been working with Erykah Badu as of late, designing some shoes and jewelry for her, and her whole package when it comes to fashion is so ON TIME…it makes me want to cuss. So at the moment, she gets the grade.

Q: So far in your career, what do you think has been your biggest accomplishment?
Seeing myself and realizing that I am enough.

Q: Besides your collection, what shoes can we find you in regularly, kicks included?
My high top Nike terminators.

Q: One last question, if you had to give yourself a theme song for 2008 what would it be? Ooh that’s tough! I’d have to go with a classic… Kenny Burke “Keep Risin’ To The Top.”

You can purchase Melody Ehsani shoes online at www.melodyehsani.com For further information on select stores and boutiques in your area, you can email [email protected]

{Photo Credits: Estevan Oriol & Stephen Gilbert for Denacali}

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