musthavem1.jpgp202622_hero.jpgI love Valentine’s Day — mainly because I love candy! Who am I fooling — I love anything sugary and sweet. You can give me a lollipop, a box of chocolates, an ice cream bar, a Jolly Rancher any day of the week. And my love for sweet and sugary treats isn’t just limited to edible products. I will buy pretty much any product that smells or looks sweet. Any sweet or yummy looking treat I see, I must have.

So it’s not hard to figure out why I fell head over heels with Color Stick Cream Eyeshadow by Sugar Cosmetics ($14, sephora.com). These creamy eye shadow’s are deliciously cool and provide effortless application. You are left with a shimmering, crease-less finish in one of these five tasty shades — Apple Cider (a golden tan shimmer), Grape Soda (lavender shimmer), Blue Pop (teal blue shimmer), Limeade (yellow green shimmer) and Pink Fizz (pink shimmer). All sweet enough to eat!

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