Your Mission: Create a perfect Valentine’s Day with or without Prince Charming with these undercover (not those covers) products.

Reason for Mission:
There are officially three more days until Valentine’s Day. While creating a great Valentine’s Day may seem impossible with this time crunch, you can still accomplish it a la 007. All you need is a few choice undercover products to pull it off without a hitch.

21fcsfptlhl_aa125_.jpgTools to help accomplish your mission if you choose to attempt it:
Tool 1: Organic Bath Company Bubble Bath Roses ($11, amazon.com) Who needs a dozen real roses when you can have this delicious-smelling set that lasts much longer. These roses look like a heart full of real roses at first glance. They are actually naturally made bubble bath roses that provide a unique bath experience. To activate, toss two roses under warm running water. Before you know it you will have a delicious bubble bath for you and your valentine.

2e9b_2.JPGTool 2: Burning Desire Massage Candle ($21.50, pureromance.com) Ignite a flame with this candle that does double duty. What looks like a simple candle in a heart-shaped tin is actually much more? The natural soy candle melts into a decadent massage lotion! All you have to do, 007, is light the candle, allow wax to liquidize, blow out and use fingers to apply the warm sensuous oil. And this is the gift that keeps giving by providing up to 30 massages when melted!

p91112_hero.jpgTool 3: LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump Color Shines ($38, sephora.com) What looks like an ordinary lipgloss is actually a high-tech lip plumping product. Choose one of the new shades, Belle or Ripe, to give your Valentine’s Day look a little punch. Belle is a glamorous sheer red that adds shine and a hint of color. Ripe is a juicy berry that provides afresh sheen and a brighter smile. Whether you’re looking at your prince across a table or looking at a potential prince across a crowded room, your lips are sure to send the right message . . . kiss me!

This message wills self-destruct in 20 seconds. OK not really, but I always wanted to say that. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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