I remember when you could only get natural products on a dusty shelf in a health food store. My fellow consumers were interested more in how cheap and popular a product was then if it was good for them and the environment. Well times are changing and now products that were previously collecting dust at mom and pop health food stores have moved into primetime with spots at your local drugstores and chain grocery stores. Now making the right decision for you and the environment is easier then ever. And with fabulous new items you don’t have to sacrifice quality or a great price to get these eco friendly products.
One of these fabulous new products that have recently hit the shelves is the Pure & Natural Cleansing Bar ($3.99, drugstores nationwide). This vegetable based mild bar soap cleanses, moisturizes and renews with a formula enriched with pure glycerin and infused with natural ingredients. The Cleansing Bar cleans without being drying and comes in three different amazing ingredient combinations. The combinations are Almond Oil & Cherry Blossom for dry skin, Rosemary & Mint for tired skin, and Grapefruit & Pomegranate for dull skin.

The packaging takes natural products to a whole new level. It is comprised of 100% post consumer paper with actual seeds embedded inside. Instead of just throwing away the packaging you can plant it in the ground, water it and a few weeks later a baby’s breath plant will grow through the soil. So not only will your skin be as soft as a baby, but you will have a actual baby’s breath plant after using this soap.

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