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  • m

    @ sasha- maybe YOU use that word lightly, and maybe YOU are the hypocrite because i have never used that word in every day life nor do i allow friends or acquaintances use that word casually in my presence. i am fully aware of the meaning of the word in it’s past and PRESENT tense because we are still being referred to as “niggers” by people who see us as subhuman, people who want to actively disenfranchise us, and people who believe the confederacy should’ve won the civil war. i’m reminded that some people think i’m just a “nigger” when i’m being followed in a store, driving in a certain neighborhood, or when people are shocked that i’m articulate. nobody is going to use that word to identify or define me OR anybody i associate with, white OR black, without a fight. please don’t assume that every black person uses that word with the same careless flippancy that you may have encountered.

    as for nas, i expected more from him and thought he was better than this. this is going to come back and bite him in the ass the same way it richard pryor who regretted bringing the word back to the american lexicon as something less hateful and evil then it really is. who does he think watches mtv anyway? white kids who barely encounter black people in real life and form their opinion of an entire race from the media. does he think they’re going to have an incentive to truly understand the meaning of whatever his message is? chances are they just going to use this whole stunt as a license to continuously bandy that word about with each other and to and towards black people. he’s taking away from the true vitriolic sting and nefarious potency of the word, and i hope it haunts him. someone needs show him a picture of a lynching and remind him that was the last word a lynching victim usually heard. if he wanted to educate somebody on the real meaning of the word he would’ve worn a t-shirt of emmett till in his coffin after his murderers got through with him. and kelis needs to be slapped for wearing that word emblazoned in gold. i’m digusted with these two.

  • m

    @ otherwise- what in the fucking doublespeak are you talking about? you can’t compare nas’ self-aggrandizing sensationalism with dick gregory, a man who was actively trying to combat institutionalized racism when that word meant exactly what it meant. there weren’t any shades of meaning about it: nigger meant intimidation, subjugation, sanctioned disenfranchisement, and possible death. nigger meant boy, nigger meant unabated rape and sexual abuse, nigger meant looking down if a white person was talking to you. if you read the book, he was called that word when he and family’s lives were being threatened with bombs and lynchings for his efforts. despite the intimidation implied every time he was called that word he kept going. naming the book “nigger” was acknowledging the ugly meaning of that word and defiantly stating that it did not define him. he was not a “nigger”. he was not trying to flip or manipulate the word into something other than its hateful meaning and trying to identify with his new made-up definition of the word. the idea that we can take this word and turn it into something positive when it’s clearly not, is hurting the black community and is an unnecessary point of derision when we have so many other pressing issues to be concerned concerned with. we need to just let this “changing the meaning of the word” bullshit go, when the word with it’s “original” meaning is still being used to demean us. you can try to cosign with nas all you want, as though he’s doing the world some great favor and trying to educate and enlighten, but he named his album “nigger” for his own self-interests and doesn’t care about the aftermath and effect on the black community. he has no cogent reason for the name of his album other than publicity.

  • I’ll put this bluntly. This whole thing is hot garbage. Nas is an Uncle Tom, his last album wasn’t that good and his father’s music isn’t as good as he thinks either.

  • Sista

    This is a shame in all respects and aspects so you mean to tell me that after all the civil rights movements and fights against inhumanity Nas dumbass wants to walk around town with the words nigger on his shirt while white folks sit in the background and pull his puppet strings laughing their asses off. Smh, money is sweet but not sweet enough to demean you and your people. Shame on Nas. It’s still not clear why he wants to name his album that..and we all know it’s because he’s fumbling around looking for a reason.. there’s no reason expect attention and money.