200295529-005.jpgDo you ever wonder why we delay on taking steps towards our dreams? Why it’s all too common to say and hear comments like “I hate my job, it’s just not my passion, I really want to do xyz…” The reason for this is because we procrastinate. We all know what we really want to be doing with our lives but we procrastinate because we are afraid of taking risks and coming out of our comfort zones. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to be afraid at times, heck you should never be too comfortable with anything. There should always be butterflies in your stomach when embarking on something new. But we must not allow fear to hold us back from achieving our goals and making us the happy and fulfilled individuals we are destined to be.

Understanding why we procrastinate is the key to overcoming it. There are endless reasons why people procrastinate when it come to reaching their personal goals. For instance some use procrastination as a defense mechanism to prevent failure. No one wants to fail, and this is the exact reason why many of us do not try. Some fear success. For many success means change, and most of us are afraid of change. Some strive for perfection, and when we realize it does not exist we give up. For others it’s simply a bad habit that just can’t be broken.

I know this because these were all my reasons for procrastinating. I wasted years waiting for the “perfect” time to write. I loved the craft so much I wanted everything to be perfect when I did it. I needed the perfect place, the perfect time, the perfect mood, even the perfect notebook. It wasn’t until I snapped out of this fantasy world, did I realize that the “perfect” time is right now. In reality I was using the perfectionism to mask my fear of failure. The fear of not succeeding scared me, but what scared me even more was succeeding. It was all a vicious cycle that kept me from taking that first step. It was when I made the choice to succeed did I defeat the disgusting habit of procrastination.

Maybe if the world was filled with certainty, consistency and expectancy everyone would be living their best life ever. It amazes me how we women will take a chance on a man but won’t take the same risk when it comes to our dreams. We will sacrifice our happiness and well being for others but won’t do it for ourselves. It’s time we stop being afraid of the unknown, raise our confidence level and go out there and make things happen! We can’t afford to let fear hold us back any longer and there is no better time to begin than right now.

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