Politics As Usual



Obama unleashes Oprah, Caroline Kennedy on campaign trail
Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama launches a weekend “charm offensive” with a cast that includes TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey, and picked up support Saturday from the granddaughter of a former Republican president. (Continue Reading…)

Clinton reaches out to blacks in southern states
On her way to deliver a civil rights speech here Wednesday, Hillary Rodham Clinton stopped by the Kitchen Express, a buffet restaurant where she was heartily greeted by customers – almost all of them African-American. (Continue Reading…)

The MySpace generation’s got a crush on Obama
Right before Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama addressed the MySpace-MTV “Closing Arguments” event via videoconference from Minneapolis, one of the young studio audience members whispered, “He’s the whole reason why we’re here.” (Continue Reading…)

How McCain’s Resuscitated His Campaign
The political redemption of John McCain began half a year ago, half a world away at a place called, fittingly enough, Camp Victory. As his presidential campaign unraveled back home, McCain spent Independence Day 2007 at the sprawling American headquarters on the edge of Baghdad and watched in the heat as 588 U.S. troops re-enlisted. (Continue Reading…)

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