Super Tuesday Results

Battle Goes On – Obama Won 13 States, Clinton 8
So much for the quick victory the early primaries were expected to bring. With a split decision on Super Tuesday, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have entered into a protracted campaign that may not end for weeks. This isn’t how it was supposed to play out in the compressed primary calendar. (Continue Reading…)

Clinton, Obama draw; McCain leads
Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton battled to a draw on “Super Tuesday” and John McCain took charge of the Republican race in coast-to-coast presidential nominating battles in 24 states. (Continue Reading…)

Super Tuesday: Race Turns to Delegate Battle, Obama Surprises
Hillary Rodham Clinton captured needed states Tuesday night even as Barack Obama ate into her traditional base of support on a topsy-turvy night where a ballot victory was not the only measure of success. (Continue Reading…)

Did Obama or Clinton win Super Tuesday?
A spooky ad that ran repeatedly during CNN’s Super Tuesday coverage suggested that you should contemplate your life as if you had only one month to live. If you do that, expect to exit without knowing the Democratic nominee. After Super Tuesday voting, the clearest thing about the race on the Democratic side is that it’s headed into March—and quite possibly beyond. (Continue Reading…)

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