Obama touts ideas, Clinton pushes results
Sen. Barack Obama said while he and Sen. Hillary Clinton share a lot of policy positions, “there’s a fundamental difference between us in terms of how change comes about.”The Democratic presidential candidates are facing off in Texas in their last debate before the state’s March 4 primary.

“If we don’t bring the country together, stop the endless bickering, actually focus on solutions and reduce that special interests that have dominated Washington … we will not get anything done,” Obama said. Obama was responding to Clinton’s reference to a recent interview with an Obama surrogate who could not name any of his accomplishments. Clinton said she and Obama offer different records of accomplishment.

“Obama responded effectively — he defended his achievements, and characterized Clinton as suggesting his supporters are delusional for supporting him. The line played well,” said CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider. (Continue Reading…)

Barack Obama responds to recent attacks.

Barack Obama talks about the working coalition needed to bring about change.

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