• Cola

    I think Obama should make sure he acknowledges if he is quoting someone else or just be very careful in general with his speeches. At this point in the game they are going to try and find any little thing to try and make him look bad. As far as Michelle’s comments I don’t see the big deal.

  • I honestly believe that Michelle’ s comments and Obama’s “borrowed lines” will not hurt his chances of being elected for the November election. I feel that right now Obama’s chances are looking pretty good and the media is just trying to stir up some contraversy to make him look bad.

  • I think the paraphrasing is going to blow over – primarily because Deval Patrick has already killed it. Its going to probably backfire on Hillary’s camp for trying to play it up as plagiarism. Pretty much every issue outside the debates that’s been brought up – has played out worse for her in the end. The dude is like rubber at this point. And Michelle’s comments are benign in comparison to Bill Clinton’s behavior. At worse it’ll cancel out – but Obama’s momentum won’t be affected by this. He’d have to really fuck up to do that . . .