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  • Teina

    I would not vote Republican because Rice is on the ticket, but I will vote Republican if Clinton is the Democratic nominee. McCain is pretty distasteful to me, but I find Clinton to be even more so.

  • FabnChic

    Condy? The same Condy who was buying Manolo’s the day after Katrina ravished New Orleans? No, Thank You.

  • I’d just be interested in having her as a president. I admit I don’t pay attention to what she says, she’s just working for the government, she hasn’t become any type of individual to pay attention to. I think she’s just following through very well on what her job requires. She doesn’t stand out in anyother way than that.

  • harryo

    Hell no! Condi is just a female version of George Bush; if you liked the last eight years in this country, having Condi as Prez or VP will mean four more years of the mess we’re in now.