tia-dant.jpg Tia Dantzler — highly regarded as an expert makeup artist and beauty columnist, Tia’s work encompasses both the fashion and beauty industries. Her makeup artistry has been seen everywhere from red carpet events, to the Academy Awards, to her more recent Avon ads featuring Jennifer Hudson. During her career she has worked with the upper echelon of the fashion/beauty world including photographers Annie Leibovitz and Matthew Rolston. Clutch sat down with Tia to find out more about her career, beauty trends and her upcoming projects.

Q: How long have you been a makeup artist?
I’ve been working my craft for six years now. I attended Columbia College Chicago for their makeup artistry program which took me five months to complete. After completing the program, I hit the ground running.

Q: What are some of your favorite brands or cosmetic lines?
Some of my favorite cosmetics lines include Dior, Yves St. Laurent, M.A.C and Bobbi Brown to name a few. I love to experiment with different products and different makeup lines.

Q: What is one thing you wish we [black women] would start doing when it comes to applying or wearing makeup?
I would suggest being more adventurous when applying your makeup. Whether it’s applying a new shade of lip gloss, to a funky color eyeliner to pop the eyes. Step out the “makeup box” and have fun with your look. Remember you can always wash the makeup off.

Q: For 2008, what makeup trends do you hope to see appear?
I foresee the upcoming Spring Trends to be BOLD, BRIGHT & STRONG. The colors…CHERRY RED, BRIGHT FUSHIA, CORAL AND ORANGE. The lips this season will be GLOSSY and BOLD. The overall face look should be DEWY with fresh breathable skin. Be BOLD and definitely have fun with the trends.

Q: You worked on the famous GQ Obama cover, how was it to work with such an upcoming icon?
Working with Presidential Hopeful Senator Barack Obama was absolutely amazing. I went in nervous and after meeting him, all my fears quickly dissolved. He was very polite, funny and he definitely put me at ease while doing my job. That is one experience I will not soon forget.

Q: What’s one product you cannot live without?
The one product I could not be without is definitely moisturizer. I believe in having a daily skincare system to maintain great skin.

tia2.jpgQ: Looking back on your career, what client or project sticks out as one of your favorite experiences?
Definitely walking the path along side Jennifer Hudson leading to the Oscars was such a highlight for my career. During the Dreamgirls tour I experienced every emotion you could possibly think of. In the end, I believe I am a stronger person and makeup artist as a result of it all. I was blessed with an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m so thankful I was chosen for the job.

Q: As we all know, there are some women who really don’t like makeup. If there were one product you could recommend to change their mind what would it be?
I would suggest working with a product that would serve more than one purpose like Tinted Moisturizer. Not only does it even out your skin tone, it’s loaded with SPF 15 and even more importantly it has moisturizer in it. This is one product that saves you time and it looks amazing on the skin when applied with a fluffy brush.
Q: Lately, lots of artists are successfully launching their own makeup lines. Do you have any plans to do so any time soon?
Absolutely, I have a great desire to continue to build my brand and create something new and fresh. Therefore, I’ve been hard-at-work testing products for my own cosmetic line. Stay tuned to www.tiadantzler.net for all the forthcoming news.

Q: Lastly, what advice would you give to an up and coming makeup artist?
When you are starting a makeup career you should do makeup as often as possible and on as many skin tones as possible. Work for the experience and not for the money. The money will come in later when you have the experience and the skills to back it up. Be persistent, and never give up.

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