• I will give you that Esilenire. I am a not a Diddy fan. So, that is my problem…but he did do good for a non-actor….I guess..lol

  • I don’t know guys, I did not see Diddy, I felt Walter Lee. I also felt his background prior to “Diddyism” lent itself to the character. I thought it was excellent across the board. Nobody can touch Phylisha Rashaad. Again I was so proud of Diddy’s performance and the cast, it made me want to revisit the book.

  • Donna

    I thought he would have done well in a role that was set in say 2008, his vernacular for that time period was horrid. I just kept thinking to myself didn’t anyone tell him? Hadn’t he noticed how everyone conveyed their words and that none of them had a NY accent all up in Chicago LOL. Wasn’t terribly strong but certainly not set for the time period.

    Other than that I felt he did fairly well yet as someone else said I thought who would have played this part better, who would have nailed it. I think there are certain roles that only gifted actors should be placed in period. I may be bias because with the exception of a few singers/rappers I really don’t want to see them acting leave it to those trained/gifted in that field.

  • I think he did a wondeful job. He seemd to have passion, he was so intense, Philysia was marvelous as usual. And Sani( hope I spelled that right) was great. I really loved her in this part. A wonderful production. I think diddy has found his new talent. He can sing/rap but he has the acting bug for sure!

  • I didn’t look at it as.. Diddy did good for a rapper, I was looking at it from the standpoint of he’s an actor. In a lesser role I could”ve gone with that but in this film and next to the cast he was acting with I have to view the role and not Diddy and like I said before I actually like the dude. I was thinking that someone like Derek Luke would’ve killed it. I wish there was another version with him or another actor then I think everyone would’ve see what I mean.

    I did notice that NY accent too Donna. ha ha