kinp1.jpgIn this season of hot political debates and crucial primaries. We figured we should hold a primary of our own. A primary for the ultimate skincare candidate. We have some strong candidates all vying to come out on top. The race is heated, the issues are being debated and now it’s every skincare product and face cream for itself. Here we have broken down the candidates, now it’s up to you. Who will win your vote?

_5418049.jpgCandidate One: Re-Nutriv Ultimate Youth Crème ($250, esteelauder.com)
Party: Estee Lauder
Issues that it stands on: Runs the campaign on the believe that skin deserves to look as good as it did in it’s youth.
Global Minded: Combines cutting edge science with rare, precious ingredients from all over the world.
Three Core Benefits: Helps prolong youthful vitality, Helps preserve youthful smoothness and helps promote youthful tone. Looks toward the future with its exclusively engineered Youth Molecule that helps skin appear ageless.

lisa_hoffman-3.jpgCandidate Two: Lisa Hoffman Night and Day Skincare ($120 for 7 day pack, hsn.com)
Party: Lisa Hoffman
Issues that it stands on: (1) Reconceptualizing the idea of skincare by creating a collection with a week’s worth of ten cleansing, toning and moisturizing formulas. (2) Five for day and five for night, each in a disposable, resealable and ampule. (3) Believes people should be free of clutter and have a simplified daily routine. It’s a not just a skincare it’s a lifestyle choice.
Four Primary Attributes: The four P’s- Performance, Purity, Potency and Portability. The products in the collection work together to help rejuvenate and refresh the skin protect if from environmental damage and reduce the effects of aging.

p190102_hero.jpgCandidate Three: Hydra-Pure Radiance Renewal Serum ($95, mdskincare.com)
Party: MD Skincare
Issues that it stands on: (1) Believes heavy metals and impurities should be removed from skin. (2) Feels like it’s a skincare products duty to address and prevent skin discoloration due to both photo-aging and genetic aging caused by excessive melanin which dulls the skin. (3) Will use its Hydra-Pure Chelating Complex to remove impurities in tap water to help detoxify skin!

p196001_hero.jpgCandidate Four: Kinerase Brightening Anti-Aging System ($140, kinerase.com)
Party: Kinerase
Issues that it stands on: (1) Two-step system that includes Brightening Facial Serum and a
Concentrated Spot Treatment. (2) Both steps include the Brightening Complex that scientifically blends
seven active ingredients that work synergistically to brighten the skin for more radiant and perfectly even complexion. (3) Will leave all voters skin looking instantly energized, radiant, more youthful and beautiful.

p158704_hero.jpgCandidate Five: Lancôme Absolue Premium Replenishing Lotion ($110, lancome.com)
Party: Lancôme
Issues that it stands on: (1) Three Words: repair. intense moisture and clarity (2) Patented Lancôme innovation: Pro-Sylane helps restore essential moisture deep in skin’s surface, plumps skin, adds firmness and radiance.
Healthcare Issues: (1) Comes with SPF 15, great for all skin types, oil-free, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and dermatologist -tested. (2) Promises that within four weeks voters will see fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. Feel renewed firmness and elasticity. See revived clarity and even skin one.

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