p172201_hero.jpgI made a huge list of resolutions for the New Year. Toping my list was the resolutions to be less stressed out, lose 20 pounds and feel and look better. Well two weeks into the New Year and not one of the resolutions had been worked on—which of course made me feel worse then before I made the resolutions. I just felt like I was in a permanent funk and the resolutions seemed undoable in the state of mind I was in. I needed something to turn it around, lift my spirits and boost my self-confidence.

I found my answer in a little bottle. No, not a bottle of vodka but a bottle of Synergy by N.V. Perricone M.D. ($250, nvperriconedmd.com). Synergy is a calming pheromone aromatherapy treatment. It actually helps users to relax manage the stress of every day life, elevates self-confidence, enhances well being and it increases feeling of relaxation. All you have to do is dab a small amount of the sweet, sugar cookie-scented product under your nose or on your wrist a couple of times a day, and before you know it you’ll be moving out the rainstorm and into calmness.

I used Synergy every day for two weeks. By the second day I was already feeling more hopeful, less stressed and more focused. Maybe that was because I was actually taking steeps toward being healthier or maybe Synergy is a miracle aromatherapy product. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. I just finished cleaning out two hall closets, organizing my tax receipts and jogging around the neighborhood. If I keep at this pace all my resolutions will be met soon. I wonder if it can help with my get rich resolution . . .

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